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Deep into the Journey of Faith - The Icons of Christ’s Disciples in the 21st Century

1 Aug In the Steps of Christ John 12:23-26
2 Aug Laying Down of the Self John 13:1-17
3 Aug Love Has No Limits John 13:31-35
4 Aug Another Object & Embrace John 14:1-15
5 Aug The In-Depth Union John 14:16-31
6 Aug Always Abiding in the Lord John 15:1-8
8 Aug Entering Into Tribulation John 15:18-26
9 Aug The Leading of the Holy Spirit John 16:1-15
10 Aug Union Into One John 17:1-26
Noon Sermon Speaker: Rev. Alex H.F. Mak

88th Noon Sermon Speaker: Rev. Alex H.F. Mak

Senior Pastor of The Church of Christ in China Wanchai Church
Guest Speaker of Preaching of Evangel Seminary
Director of Sacred Logos Resource Center

Rev. Mak became Christian when he was in junior high school. He was called to the ministry at 17. He has studied in the Overseas Theological Seminary and the China Graduate School of Theology. He has served in the Church of Holy Calling in Fanling, as well as his mother church, Evangelical Chinese Gospel Church. He has been pastoring in The Church of Christ in China Wanchai Church from 1994. He is currently the Senior Pastor of the church.

Rev. Mak has 35 years of pastoral experience. He has been enthusiastically promoting his church members to live up to their belief in workplaces. As the father of three teenage sons, he is concerned about the spiritual growth of the young, hence he and his wife are dedicated to have family altar according to the Bible teaching, and this has never been stopped.






舉辦日期:8月1日 至 10日
早禱會:上午 9:00 至 9:30
研經會:上午 9:45 10:50
講道會:上午 11:15 12:20
奮興會:晚上 7:00 9:00



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