By God's grace and leading, Hong Kong Bible conference has different live broadcasting or transmission locations in recent years, so that more believers can receive the truth of God in different regions.

During this year, a total of 94 live broadcasting or transmission locations were authorized to do the live broadcast or transmission, including 66 in Hong Kong and 28 overseas (see our website for details). Other than this, other broadcasting channels have not been authorized or agreed by our organization.

The information of our organization and the preaching information will only be published through our website, Facebook and Instagram. Other channels are irrelevant to our organization. Please pay attention.


Notices from The Board of Bible conference Hong Kong
5th Aug, 2019 5:30pm

Typhoon Announcement

  1. 聚會前2小時發出八號風球或黑雨警告,聚會取消。
  2. 聚會前2小時除下八號風球或黑雨警告,聚會如常舉行。
  3. 最遲下午5時30分除下八號風球或黑雨警告,主場聚會順延至7時30分開始,但轉播點暫停開放。
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  1. 《烈風禱告Breakthrough Prayer》,辛傑米 (Jim Cymbala)著,天道書樓出版

  2. 《清修庖廚中The Practice of the Presence of God》,勞倫斯修士 (Brother Lawrence)著,光啟文化出版
  3. 《獻給無名的傳道者:我的弟兄》,邊雲波著,恩光出版
  4. 《諸神的面具Counterfeit Gods》,提姆.凱樂 (Timothy Keller)著,更新傳道會出版
  5. 《余慈度:二十世紀中國教會復興的先驅》,吳秀良著,比遜河出版
  6. 《渴慕神The Pursuit of God》,陶恕 (A. W. Tozer)著,宣道出版社出版
  7. 《懺悔錄Confessions》,聖奧斯丁 (St. Augustine)著,光啟文化出版
  8. 《失而復得的日記:主僕宋尚節日記摘抄》,利未 摘錄整理,宣道出版社出版
  9. 《體貼神:大衛的心靈標竿Heart After God: Running with David》,包樂 (Luis Palau) 著,橄欖文化出版

  10. 《Secrets of the Secret Place》,Bob Sorge著 ,Oasis House出版

  1. 《陝西羚蹤 》,司務道著,基督教靈實協會出版

  2. 《偏差與平衡》,滕近輝著,宣道出版社出版
  3. 《認識神Knowing God》,巴刻(J.I. Packer)著,福音證主協會出版
  4. 《疾風烈火Fresh Wind Fresh Fire 》,辛傑米(Jim Cymbala)、梅定恩(Deam Memill )著,雅歌出版社
  5. 《The Genesee Diary: Report from a Trappist Monastery》,Henri J. M. Nouwen著,Image 出版
  6. 《Desiring God :Meditations of a Christian Hedonist》,John Piper著,Multnomah Books 出版
  7. 《戴德生──屬靈操練 》,史蒂亞著,福音證主協會出版
  8. 《上帝的聲音 Hearing God : Developing a Conversational Relationship with God》,魏樂德 (Dallas Willard)著,校園書房出版
  9. 《馬鈴薯湯教會 Happy Church Story》,梁炳武著,校園書房出版
  10. 《我不理解的上帝:再思苦難、迦南、十架、終末The God I Don't Understand: Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith》,萊特 (Christopher J. H. Wright)著,校園書房出版

  1. 《認識神Knowing God》,巴刻(J.I. Packer)著,福音證主協會出版
  2. 《神喜歡The Pleasures of God》,約翰.派博 (John Piper)著,基督教改革宗翻譯社出版
  3. 《21世紀天國導論The Divine Conspiracy》,魏樂德 (Dallas Willard)著,校園書房出版
  4. 《The Light Has Come: An Exposition of the Fourth Gospel》,Lesslie Newbigin著,Eerdmans Pub Co出版
  5. 《認識至聖者Knowledge of the Holy》,陶恕 (A.W. Tozer) 著,播道會文字部出版
  6. 《返璞歸真Mere Christianity》,魯益師 (C.S. Lewis)著,海天書樓出版
  7. 《The Word Made Flesh》,E. Stanley Jones著,Abingdon Press出版
  8. 《團契生活Life Together》,潘霍華 (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)著,基督教文藝出版
  9. 《當代基督十架The Cross of Christ》,斯托得 John R.W. Stott著,校園書房出版
  10. 《Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith》,Michael Reeves著,IVP Academic出版