Thanks to God who alone does wondrous things, and thanks to the brothers and sisters who prayed and supported this spiritual revival conference – Hong Kong Bible Conference 2019.

By the grace of the Lord, the 2019 - 91st Hong Kong Bible Conference commenced as scheduled and proceeded peacefully despite the impending typhoon prior to the conference and the impact of current social disorder.

Thousands of brothers and sisters responded to the altar call of Rev. Darrell Johnson, kneeling and praying in unity for this city. The ten-day conference concluded in prayers and dedication. 

During the 10 days span with 28 meetings, God has prepared His servants to preach, inspire, comfort and teach; benefitting all who attended.  The turmoil caused by the social events has led to the cancellation of approximately twenty transmission sites and a decrease in the number of attendees to 220,000, slightly lower than last year. Still, the meetings went through peacefully. The Lord who alone did wondrous things also provides peace to everyone who attended and left the meeting. God responded to the prayers of brothers and sisters with his wonderful works.

In addition, brothers and sisters responded to the message earnestly. The numbers of people, who repented, dedicated to full-time ministry and lay ministry have increased compared the last year, totaling to 1700 people this year.

The budget for the annual operation of HKBC is $7.8 million and only one-third of the contributions received towards the end of conference. However, God’s provision and inspiration are wonderful. By mid-September, the amount of offering received has reached the budget goal. Thank The Lord! He takes responsibility for His work. The dedication of brothers and sisters is the heart-felt response to the Word of God. It is a blessed response and action.

This year, three Chinese and overseas pastors are faithful to their calling in preaching. The message on living a God-centered life is thought provoking, enlightening us to understand the Will of God in depth. It provides peace and hope in the midst of chaos, and allows the awakening to know what to wait for.

Truly, all glory be given to the name of the Lord, and the peace will belong to those He loves. Those who are devoted to Him shall receive grace and those who are faithful on serving through praying shall be blessed and bless others.