Impacted by the global pandemic, Rev. Bryan Chapell, our planned speaker for the Revival Message of the Hong Kong Bible Conference 2020, would defer his visit to Hong Kong. By God’s wonderful orchestration, Rev. KWOK Man-Chee has shouldered the preaching ministry this year.

The world is capricious in its ways. God is immutable with His Word. Let us walk hand in hand with love, and keep each other in mutual prayers.

Back in the last century, our nation sank deep in distress and disasters. Christians also were trapped in perplexity over their faith. By the grace and compassion of God, the Hong Kong Bible Conference, a ministry dedicated to the preaching of God’s Word was set up in South China. Despite confusions and hardships in those gloomy days, the ministry has since helped many children of God with strengthened faith by His gracious Word, who found once again joy, peace and eternal hope of blessings.

Natural and man-made calamities continue to shake the land. Worries and doubts infest our surroundings. Fears and baffles are ever menacing. Darkness is looming on the horizon. Christians are already wavering and misled in faith. Only God’s Word, the unchanging truth, remains a lamp for our feet and a light on our path.

Notice from The Board of Hong Kong Bible Conference
15th May, 2020