Rev. Lau Yan Tak, Chairman of Hong Kong Bible Conference


Rev. Lau Yan TakIn this chaotic world, people who try everything to change the world has little success because they didn’t realize it is the inside of people which needs to be changed before the outside of people. For changing from “Vanity” to “Truthfulness”, it entirely depends on whether one lives a God-centered life. This hope can only be realized in “Destruction” and “Plantation” in God.

We give thanks to God that, in the hot days of 1st to 10th Aug, there were no severe weather warnings so that the 10-consecutive-day Conference, totalling 28 sessions, was not interrupted.

As a platform for God’s Words, the Conference again experienced God’s grace. For the parts that should be taken down, Rev. Cho reminded us about plantation from the Book of Jeremiah. By the characters in the Book of Daniel, Rev. Taylor taught about faith in God’s sovereign so that we, as vessels of God, can experience God’s Work in harsh environments. As for our life as God’s sons and daughters, Rev. Chan preached about the Book of Ecclesiastes that we need to live a God-centered life, or else our life is meaningless and in vanity.

With prayers, participation and support of our brothers and sisters, the attendance this year has exceeded 260,000. Not only the main venue was full, even some transmission locations were full as well. We are glad to see the fervor of listening to God’s Words among everyone of you.

Not only our attendance has increased; there are more than 3,200 people who have made a decision of conversion, repentance, devotion to part-time or full-time service. (There are more than 300 people who devoted themselves in full-time service this year.) Also, as we can see, we all come not only to listen to God’s Word. The budget for this year’s Conference is HK$ 5.9 million, and this is already fulfilled before 10th Aug – we are all the witnesses that God will provide.

To move and encourage people to make offering is not only a matter of work, but also the change of people’s heart by the Word of God. Hence, we are glad to see many of us have chosen wisely between serving God and Mammon (i.e. money).

We are also thankful that, from 18 July to 17 Aug, there are more than 333,000 visitors visiting our official website, with a count of clicking of 259 million times. We praise the LORD that there are so many who are hungry of His Words.

The Conference’s testimony of being blessed is also the experience and testimony of every single participant. During the Conference, there are many testimonies that God answered who have prayed; many who were invited were able to come and listen to God’s Words and eventually repented or converted. The heart to follow Jesus and the joy of devotion renew our life so that we can live a God-centered life and to know God more.

This year, under the hot weather of summer, many volunteers served in transmission locations; and now there are more transmission locations to serve more people. At the same time, Kowloon City Baptist Church has been lending their place to be the main venue of the Conference, and their pastoral staffs, deacons and many others supported our Conference with great effort. We would like to thank everyone above for the work in God’s Kingdom.

As for transmissions, although the technicality was busy, staffs and technicians have work hard back-stage so that the transmission was well done. May our LORD remember your efforts.

89th, Hong Kong Bible Conference“Dear LORD, please revive Your Work. Through these years, by the work of the Holy Spirit in our heart, let Your Holy Word move our heart to repent and return to You, so that we can live a God-centered life.”